Monday, 25 August 2014

August Glossybox

August Glossybox

Last week I received my August Glossybox and I have to say after last month's box I have literally been counting down the days till this month's box arrived! So far I am loving what was in and a couple things I wouldn't have even thought of buying before. This month they're celebrating their third anniversary by giving the traditional Glossybox a subtle make over. You also got a sixth product to celebrate.

Figs and Rouge Mini Hand Cream

So this was the first item that I tried in this month's Glossybox, I seriously love hand creams so I was really excited about this product because I haven't tried Figs and Rouge before. I received the Rose Berry hand cream and I have to say I am obsessed with the smell it's so nice but not overpowering, it actually reminds me of the candy hearts sweets. I will definitely be buying this because it's nice and affordable at 5.14 euro. The cream absorbs straight into the skin and they felt super soft without feeling greasy which some hand creams do. Plus what I love about this product is it's the perfect size to take on the go (this is a sample size.) You can purchase the Figs and Rouge Rose Berry hand cream here:

All That Jazz Cuticle Balm

Next item I tried was All That Jazz Cuticle Balm which was chocolate orange flavoured. I was really excited because when I was in college we used cuticle oils and balms but since I left I haven't used any and I think when you start using a cuticle balm or oil you do notice the difference. My hands are so dry naturally and especially with Winter coming I now don't have to worry. I loved the smell of the balm and I found it great because it didn't make my nail beds feel oily but it did sink into the cuticle and left them feeling soft. So the cuticle balm costs £11.99 and comes in three scents, I probably will purchase it because it's a nice size and isn't overly expensive. You can purchase All That Jazz Cuticle Balm here:

Skin Pep Hydra Sun Defence

Another product was Skin Pep Hydra Sun Defence SPF 30 day cream. This product would have been handier had it come in May or June when we had all the hot weather so I can't really say if the sunscreen part is working because Ireland is having really dull weather with no sun at all. I did like the feeling on my skin though, it felt moisturized but not greasy and it matches into your skin tone. The 7ml tube which we got in the Glossybox costs £5.99 and a 70ml tube costs £34.99. You can purchase the Hydra Sun Defence day cream here:

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

I was really pleasantly surprised with the Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara, it costs £2.79 and I think for the price you can't actually go wrong. I found it gave me voluminous lashes and I could apply multiple coats without it clumping. The brush made it kind of awkward and messy but once you clean it up it's fine. I will probably buy this product again. You can purchase Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara here:

Kryolan For Glossybox Highlighter

This product was probably my favourite. The highlighter is a cashmere colour, it looks very neutral like it would go with most skin tones. I was impressed that the tub is filled to the brim with the highlighting cream because most highlighters I have bought have been half empty so I felt like you really get a bang for your buck (I think that's the phrase anyway.) Even the tub is adorable and it has the Glossybox logo. It was tough to photograph but in person it is so gorgeous, it's really subtle but has a slight gold shine to it and I would definitely purchase this product but I think it's only for Glossybox.

Philip Kingsley Elasticiser

This pre-shampoo treatment was a guarantee in every Glossybox and I've been wanting to try it for a while so I was excited when I found out I was definitely getting it. I had never used a pre-shampoo treatment where you need your hair to be wet first so I was intrigued. I suffer from really dry thick hair so my hair normally feels like straw and I found that my hair felt silky smooth which was amazing. I am definitely going to buy again and apply once a week, it is honestly like having a new head of hair. I even got my mum to try which I soon regretted because she wants me to buy it just so she can steal it! I'm hoping that when I do buy it, it will last a while because it is the more expensive product in this month's Glossybox at £38 or 35.75 euro. You can purchase Philip Kingsley Elasticiser here:

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And there you have it folks, we have finished the August Glossybox. Is it time for next months box yet?? I hope you enjoyed today's blog!